5 Best GPS Pet Trackers

5 Best GPS Pet Trackers


After 10 hours of research evaluating 25 products, we picked Whistle 3 GPS Pet Tracker & Activity Monitor as our top choice.

Cats and dogs are important members of the family, but, like your kids, they tend to have a mind of their own. They may run away from home for a number of reasons—out of habit, a desire for freedom, mating, loneliness, or just boredom—but when they do, it can be tough to find them and bring them home.

Not with a GPS pet tracker!

With a GPS dog collar or cat collar, you can use your phone's GPS system to track them anywhere in your city. A pet tracker is a very handy addition to your pet care gadgets, as it will ensure that you can find your pet quickly, before they get hungry, in trouble, or injured.

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5 Best GPS Pet Trackers

  • 5. Scollar Mini
  • 4. Loc8tor Handheld Pet Finder Locator
  • 2. LINK AKC Smart Dog Collar
  • 1. Whistle 3 GPS Pet Tracker & Activity Monitor

Most Versatile Dog and Cat GPS Tracker


Scollar Mini

Most Versatile Dog and Cat GPS Tracker: Scollar Mini
324 Bought
76 % Editor Score
82 % User Score

Why People Love it

  • A simple, reliable, and highly versatile pet tracker
  • Offers tracking, perimeter fencing, and even haptic feedback to keep your pets at home
  • Broad range of smartphone alerts and reminders

Uses GPS and Radio Frequency, compatible with RF-enabled pet doors, easily integrated with Scollar smartphone app, provides medication and feeding reminders, features LED lights at night, created using simple tracking software, and rechargeable batteries included.

The expansion modules are pricey.

Tracking: This pet tracker comes with two tracking options: GPS positioning for when your pet leaves home, and Radio Frequency for when they're still within the range of your "safe zone". The RF signal will send a buzz to the collar if your pet is leaving the boundaries of your perimeter.

If they do get out of radio range, the GPS will activate and an alert will be sent to your phone. The Scollar app will allow you to track your pet anywhere in the city, via the GPS tracker built into the collar.  

Features: In addition to GPS and RF tracking, the Scollar allows you to add additional modules: perimeter barriers, barking controls, and fitness trackers. The app will send you reminders when it's time to feed your pet or administer medications, and will give you a wealth of data to help you analyze your pet's health and behavior.

The collar is beautifully lightweight and fairly unobtrusive, and it's waterproof (IP68 rating). With a battery life of up to 30 days plus two rechargeable batteries, you'll find it's a long-lasting pet tracker that delivers quality at a pretty decent price.

Price: At $150, this is a pretty well-priced pet tracker, one that offers a broad range of features and reliable tracking for any pet. Whether you have a puppy, kitten, or full-grown pet, this collar will be just what you need to keep them safe.

Most Unobtrusive Pet Tracker


Loc8tor Handheld Pet Finder Locator

Most Unobtrusive Pet Tracker: Loc8tor Handheld Pet Finder Locator
248 Bought
76 % Editor Score
82 % User Score

Why People Love it

  • The best way to track smaller pets on a farm or large property
  • Great for kittens, puppies, turtles, and other small pets
  • Reliable locator with accuracy down to 1 inch

Incredibly small tracker tags, very precise tracking, uses radio frequency, suitable for smaller pets, compact handset, easy to track your pet, great battery life, magnetic mount for easy fridge storage, and no activation fee or subscription required.

The range is limited to 400 feet.

Tracking: Rather than using GPS tracking, this system relies on radio frequency signals to help you locate your pet. The handheld tracker has a range of up to 400 feet, and the lights (red, yellow, and green) will let you know when you're getting closer. It's accurate to within 1 inch of your pet's location.

The compact size (1.2" x 0.8"  x 0.3") and light weight (0.175 ounces) makes this ideal for smaller pets: from turtles to snakes to kittens to puppies to birds. Each tracker comes with two tags (though it's compatible with up to four at a time), and they will make it easy to track your pets anywhere on your property.

Features: The handheld tracker comes with a magnet attached to the back, making it easy for you to secure it to the fridge or any metal around your house. The Alert Mode will sound an alarm when your pet has crossed a boundary or left the predefined safe zones. Locate Mode will guide you right to where your pet is hiding or playing.

With a 5-month battery life, this is a "set it and forget it" pet tracker.

Price: At $100 for the two-tag tracker set, this is a pretty inexpensive option for pet owners who want to keep close tabs on their smaller pets. It's lightweight, durable, resistant to water, and able to track your pet anywhere on your property.

Best Self-Contained Dog and Cat Tracker



Best Self-Contained Dog and Cat Tracker: MARCOPOLO
207 Bought
82 % Editor Score
87 % User Score

Why People Love it

  • No need for GPS system or cell network
  • Connects via RF instead of Bluetooth or WiFI
  • One-time purchase; no add-ons or monthly fees

Self-contained tracking system, great for travel, no monthly service contracts needed, easy setup, user-friendly, real-time feedback, can be expanded for up to three pets, durable, water-resistant, great battery life, and provides continuous monitoring.

Less precise than GPS, and the display is slightly small.

Tracking: Instead of using GPS, this pet tracker uses a radio frequency signal to monitor your pet. The handheld device sends out a RF signal, and the tracker on your pet's collar will bounce back the signal, provided it's within the 2-mile range (range affected by dense forests, tall buildings, and hills). If you want to take your pet hunting or running in a national park, this is a great option for you!

The great thing about the RF tracking is that you don't have to worry about Bluetooth range, cell signals, or WiFi connections. The radio signal is very accurate, and the handheld device will lead you directly to your pet, thanks to the real-time responses.

Features: If you have a smaller pet, the lightweight, compact design of this pet tracker will be perfect. You can track up to 3 pets at the same time, and you'll love the 90-day battery life on the collar. It's water-resistant, so it will keep track of your pets in heavy rains or if they decide to go swimming.

The display is a bit small, making the blip marking your pet's position a bit hard to see, especially in low-light environments. However, the handheld device is easy to set up and get using right out of the box. It will display the distance to your pet as well as the direction. You can use the handset to program safe zones between 50 and 300 feet away, and the handset alarm will sound within 80 seconds of the pet leaving the safe zone. For those who live on large properties or in rural areas, this is an excellent choice.

Price: The pet tracker system will run you close to $240, but you'll never have to pay for extra data plans or monthly service contracts. It's a fully self-contained system that we find to be a great value for the price.

Most Durable Dog GPS Tracker


LINK AKC Smart Dog Collar

Most Durable Dog GPS Tracker: LINK AKC Smart Dog Collar
191 Bought
89 % Editor Score
93 % User Score

Why People Love it

  • Stylish, versatile, and VERY durable
  • Track your pet anywhere with the sophisticated tracking options and user-friendly app
  • Easy to mount, set up, and use

Durable leather collar, fits all dogs and puppies, offers easy access to Pet Poison helpline, features a "safe zone" setting, compatible with WiFi base stations, highly sophisticated tracking options, LED nightlight included for higher visibility at night, intuitive smartphone app, includes map storage and activity tracker data, and waterproof.

Bulkier than the Whistle, pricey, and features a shorter battery life.

Tracking: This GPS tracking collar relies on AT&T's cellular network to help you find your pet, so it's best in a city/state with good AT&T coverage. The location of your pet will be displayed via TomTom's map—complete with an overlay of the safe zones you've preprogrammed—so you can see how far from home your pet is. The target icon will allow you to zoom in on the pet's location in real time, and you'll receive notifications within 30 seconds of your pet leaving safe zones. The app also comes with activity tracking features, location data, and even Activity Profiles to help you keep your dog healthy.

Safe zones must be programmed via the base stations, which can be purchased separately. Base stations are plugged into the wall to maintain their charge, and they provide you a convenient place to charge the trackers themselves. With just 2-3 days of battery life, it's recommended you charge the trackers nightly.

The safe zone range is determined by a Bluetooth connection, which means there is a risk of "false alerts" if your pet leaves Bluetooth range but doesn't leave home. Within 30 seconds of the pet leaving the safe zone, their GPS tracker is switched on and the alert is sent to your smartphone.

Features: The tracker comes with its own collar, a durable leather thing that is built with solid stitching and quality materials. The tracker clips onto the collar, but is easy to remove for charging. The collar itself is comfortable, but the tracker is much bulkier than the Whistle. Thankfully, the collar and tracker can be sized for puppies and smaller dogs.

The collar and the tracker are both waterproof (with an IP67 rating), and charging the tracker is beautifully easy thanks to the base stations. With four sizes to choose from, you'll find it's one of the most versatile tracker collars on the market.

Price: The collar and tracker will run you $180, but you still end up paying upwards of $7 to $10 per month for the GPS tracking service. The base stations are also pricey, and you may need a few of them to keep the dog within Bluetooth range all day long. However, the collar comes with a 3-year warranty and 24/7 access to the Pet Poison Hotline.

Best Overall GPS Pet Tracker


Whistle 3 GPS Pet Tracker & Activity Monitor

Best Overall GPS Pet Tracker: Whistle 3 GPS Pet Tracker & Activity Monitor
503 Bought
95 % Editor Score
96 % User Score

Why People Love it

  • Track your pet anywhere via your cell service and GPS
  • Suitable for cats and dogs, both large and small
  • Easy to use, incredibly versatile, and customizable

7-day battery life, compact, lightweight, can use "safe zone" settings, compatible with cats and dogs, great price tag, track directly from smartphone, one device can be used for multiple pets, provides real-time tracking and on-demand alerts via SMS, cell and GPS technology combined, and waterproof.

Tracking info is deleted daily and expect slow notification when the pet leaves the safe zone.

Tracking: This GPS pet tracker uses both GPS and cell service to track your pet anywhere in the world. It's easy to set "safe zones" where the tracker will remain off—conserving battery life—but it will switch on when the pets leave the zones. Though the notification takes a few minutes to arrive (it's not instantaneous), you'll find it's easy to track your pet anywhere in the United States.

The GPS will sent satellite photos with your pet's location, and the cell service will use the cell towers to help narrow down the pet's location.

Features: The pet tracker is sized for large and small pets, so it's suitable for almost all dogs and cats. The tracker will analyze their activity and rest to help you monitor your pet's health, both at home and if they run off. The real-time location service will make it easy for you to track them down no matter how far they stray.

All alerts are sent via the app, but you can add the option of SMS alerts in case your pet leaves the "safe zone". You can work with multiple safe zones (home, dog park, a friend's house, etc.), so you'll be able to let them roam free within your desired boundaries.

Price: At $55, this pet tracker is at the top of its class, and an excellent deal! It's waterproof, very durable, compact, and lightweight enough that it won't bother your pet. All in all, the best of the best.

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